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The new fancy advertising tool for E-commerce: Google Shopping ads, launched in 2017, sounds pretty powerful. However, catching critical tips is also important to help advertisers increase their ROI.

Here are some tips for advertisers to optimize your shopping ads:

1. Making Sure Your Product Details Are All Filled

It is very important but always been forgotten for all information in product listing during launching Google Shopping Ads. Lacking information will influence your ads performance. Here’s are all details must have:

  • Product name
  • Product picture / video
  • Product price
  • Description
  • Shop name
  • Product link
  • Scores or promotion
  • Availability (in stock, preorder, or out of stock)

2. Using Negative Search

One of Google Shopping optimization is focused on your Search terms report. The search report shows all the search results that users clicked on your product listing ad.

Add negative keywords to make sure that you don’t need to pay any more for those have no good performance keywords. The evaluation would be your CTR, CPC of keywords.

3. Using Competitor Keywords

Users search for your products and also search your competitors’. Wisely using competitor keywords helps you have more impressions from every search keyword. Advertisers must list not just relevant product names, but also competitors’ keywords.

4. Organizing Shopping Ads Product Listing Inventory

Organize your product list and inventory are important for managing your ads. A good management help advertiser using ads smarter.

Using a unique product code for each item will help you run your business. The code represents information about your products, such as the types, size, color, and etc.

5. Knowing the Policy of Google Shopping Ads

Numerous advertisers are excited about using new ads format; however, they forgot there are many policies need to be aware of. Following Google Shopping Ads policy can help you spent less time checking ads again while your ads are rejected.

Here are must-read policy details for you all: 

Google Shopping Ads policy